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Install DIPOL search engine



There is available now a new plug-in that can be installed in the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox.

The plug-in enables the user to direct inquiries to DIPOL services without a need to enter them. We hope it will help you to look for what you need in a quick and effective way.

To install the plug-in, follow these steps:
1. Enter: here (just this page)*
2. Click on: "Install DIPOL search engine"
3. In the case of:
- Internet Explorer 7 - confirm the choice by clicking on "Add Provider"
- Mozilla Firefox - confirm the choice by clicking on "Add".

In this place you may also select DIPOL search engine for quick searching with your web browser ("Make this my default search provider").

4. After confirmation you should get "DIPOL Product Search" option, which can search for you the offer independently from the place you are currently in.

*Additionally, using our service, in any place you can add the plug-in by clicking on the Quick Search option.